going green in lala land :D

Since returning from Seoul, South Korea (which is a fascinating city) to lala land (aka LA), I have been on a green vibe. From green smoothies to green-friendly transportation, I’m starting this second life with an eye towards natural living (yeah, yeah, I know some people hate LA bc of our perceived phoniness) . Thus, the next step is learning how to grow my own greens.

After my first class at the Learning Garden in Venice, I have been reading to build my foundational knowledge in gardening. In class, Teacher David gave us the 12 Points to a Better Garden. Now as I read additional gardening sources, (O Magazine article about Oprah‘s Hawaiian farm and Michelle Obama‘s “American Grown” kitchen garden book), I see the 12 points everywhere. Three points stand out in being important in gardening. First, variety is good for the soil and good for human consumption; with a lack of different species being planted, we lessen the richness of our cuisine and nutrients in our produce. Second, the best tool for learning is a gardener’s own notes. I was surprised to see failure of crops in both Oprah’s and Obamas‘ gardens. ( I mean they have top ranked people working on their gardens.) Lastly, gardening means dedication and follow through. You can’t wish a pretty peach on a tree and succulent strawberry into fruition. You have to make a point to water regularly, observe growth (and failure), and stay engaged in all aspects of your garden.

Although this is only Week 1, I feel myself getting greener like Green Giant, hohoho.