interesting insight onto afro-am cuisine. the first section mentions a lot of vegetables to plant to make any garden more exciting and culturally rich.


So first off, if you haven’t seen it, the first episode of The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross, “The Black Atlantic,” is available to watch UNTIL 10/22/2017 (okay so you have a minute but don’t delay…. LOL) I appear in the episode discussing early African American foodways and I prepare a meal for Dr. Gates based on early African American foodways as recorded in 18th and 19th century journals, cookbooks, narratives by enslaved people and emancipatory narratives and oral history.

So there was a TON of feedback from the program but the biggest question behind the scenes was: What exactly did you make Dr. Gates and why?  And…what did we miss on the cutting room floor?

I made Dr. Gates a feast of foods based on my original research.  Most of the produce was from my garden or the gardens at Historic Londontown and Gardens, with whom I…

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