This week we didn’t have class because of Veterans Day holiday. So this meant more self study at home. Last week, I tried transplanting rad chard seedlings.

After a week, I have noticed my seedlings are looking mighty pitiful. This reminded me of what happened with my lettuce homework. So I have moved the poorest looking from the sunny side to the less sunny side, which only receives a few hours of sunlight.

My lettuce seedling started to wilt a few days after planting it in my garden box. Teacher Kim told me it was probably in shock from being moved. She suggested putting it in shade and ensuring it had enough water. A week later, as you can see, it is growing healthily. However, the same cannot be said about my kale.

My Kale homework also signs of having problems. After showing Teacher Kim my plants’ holes and spots, she thought I had bugs and told me to check for them. After researching online the yellow-green dots in the underside of the leaves, I learned they were cabbage moths. I was disturbed that most online gardeners simply stated killing them. I thought these earthy, green-conscious people would have some live-in-harmony solution. Teacher Kim also suggested killing them and said next week we will review ways of dealing with pests. I removed the leaves hoping the eggs would watch and then move the caterpillars somewhere. But the leave and eggs died. I have a lot more to learn.

But to end on a happier note, the garlic an onions are sprouting green.