This was our final week of working in the garden. We were supposed to look at our plot of land and see what changes had occurred and what great observation we could make. #1. Funnel: I planted funnel seeds in the ground at the learning Garden but planted them in a small plastic seedling cup at home. The seeds grew greatly in the ground but did not grow in the cup. I have not had a lot of success with the seedling process. I think I will focus on direct planting in the soil from now on. #2 lettuce: my most successful crop was the red Yugoslavia lettuce what’s planet from a seedling that the high school students did. #3: Zoning : my collard greens grew better and the learning Garden than at home. However my carrots better at my home garden in the San Fernando valley. (Also Franchie carrots do grow better as Teacher Kim told me.) #4: weeds: Weeds all real and they need to be picked out quickly.