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A wife vows to stand by her husband for better or for worse, but must a wife still stand by her husband when he has given up on himself? After years of pleading with her husband Kirk to take Viagra, Cleo is losing hope of being a fully satisfied woman. But everything changes when an exchange student arrives at her house. His feminine mannerism lead most in Peoria to see K, the Korean college student, as gay, but when Kirk goes on a “boys only trip” to Colombia, Cleo discovers K isn’t gay at all. In fact, K has “mommy issues,” and Cleo is the perfect older woman to help him solve them.

But nothing good lasts forever, especially when vows are broken.

Upon returning from Colombia, Kirk realizes that K isn’t gay and Cleo isn’t the woman he thought she was. Kirk must decide if he will join his fellow scorned husbands in Peoria’s “Husband of the Year Club,” where husbands get good-old-fashioned revenge on disloyal wives. Whatever the decision, it’s clear that no one leaves Peoria the same as when s/he arrived.