On My Way to la Biblioteca

Why the hell are we hiking.

Seriously, why. Whose blasted idea was this venture?! Oh right, mine. Partially.

This is what I ask myself as I trudge up the gravely sendero. We returned to Lake Cuicocha in Cotacachi to fulfill our promise of circling the crater of volcan Cotacachi and the lake that currently hides its depths.

Let's pretend I took this photo Let’s pretend I took this photo

The day is clear, the sun is hot. I wore shorts out in public and oh thank heavens I did. The sunburn is a-brewing.

Sporadic runs and 30 minute walks to and from work somehow don’t prepare one for a 3-4 hour footslog across daring terrain (the path was extremely well marked and cared for – there were stairs for the really steep parts), risking life and limb for the sake of adventure (Brenna’s host brother mentioned there was, at one time, 1 oso here, but it…

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