Charlie and Steve's Excellent Adventure

Otovalo is for us a place of one big deep breath. On one hand we’re in an environment that is relaxing and pleasant to be in, on the other hand this altitude literally takes your breath away. So we’re off and about to have a look around Otovalo and see what we can see, first stop, Lago Cuicocha, just a little bit out of town. We’re also going to have a poke at a bird sanctuary, Parque Condor for a good old bit of cheesy tourist time.

Lago Cuicocha:
We manage to score a lift with a couple of nice Americans that are staying in the same place as us which removes the potential of an awkward bus and taxi trip. After a bit of stuffing around at the visitors centre we’re off to find the end of the trail as walking this one backwards is apparently better, who…

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