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Today started off well an ended well, too. But it’s that part in the middle that showed me something about myself.

I received some troubling work news today, which threw me. It nagged at me like a cough eager to become a cold. The nagging allowed for self-doubt to creep in after work. I left the office feel down and alone. As I walked home, I passed a large floral arrangement from a big science event that has been occurring the past few days.

“Puedo sacar las flores?” I asked the young guard. He nodded and I smiled while picking. Then older guard came by and told the younger guard to take some flowers. The younger guard was weary at first, but selected a red rose.

As I took white roses and red berry foliage and arranged the flowers in my hand, I remembered what I came to Ecuador to do–to achieve my goal of IWP Tea Garden. I remembered that the new Monique has learned to roll with the punches in life and remembers “happiness/peace flows from within.” The old Monique would have moped and felt sorry for herself and then became angry at the world.


With the finished bouquet in my hand, I remembered what Steve Harvey told a man who was wondering how he was going to continue college education and his full-time job. He said something like, “Be happy for the small things. You’re one class closer to that degree. You’re getting paid for working today. Enjoy the journey.”

I’m on this new journey in Ecuador and I stopping to smell the roses, enjoying the view of Los Andes and implementing positive reinforcement when self doubt arises (green tea sipping, meditation, gratitude, happiness in the moment, acceptance of self).

This time around in Latin America, I’m enjoying the experience and the reality of now and the possibilities of tomorrow. Porque ahora es bueno and mañana sera bueno también.