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My day even started off well. Maybe it's the law of attraction.

My day even started off well. Maybe it’s the law of attraction.


Today was a good day, a great day actually. I made my first business venture as an entrepreneur. I had a taste testing of my homemade chai at the store on campus.

There was a problem. The store owner wanted to charge $0.50/cup. However, my students had told me they would pay $1 for chai on the street; thus, I wanted to charge $1/cup. Even after getting positive feedback from customers during the taste testing, the store owner would not budge on $0.50 price mark. I told him I was willing to compromise at $0.75/cup and said we should test it out for a week.

“No!” he said firmly and that was that.

I thanked him for allowing me to serve my chai in his store and left his store with my empty pitcher and a smile in my heart.

“Know your worth.” “Don’t sell yourself short.” “Stand firm behind your product and principles.”

I heard all the audio books on meditation/happiness/entrepreneurship/self-improvemnt that I listen to while exercising. I thought about the Starbucks guy and his initial difficulty to get people to believe in a cafe experience. I thought of Steve Harvey and his push to be a great comedian. And I thought about quitting my sexist uni job in Seoul despite my mom questioning leaving a job with five-months of paid vacation.

“Know your worth.”

So today was a good day because I knew my worth and knew to step back and not force life/chai to fit into a plastic cup held by someone who doesn’t share in my vision. Mr. Right, my great American novel and my tea bar/garden — they’re coming. Espera no mas