Eat. Live. Eat Some More


Non-secret confession: I’m addicted to 85c Bakery’s sea salt iced green tea. I crave it like, well, like I crave sushi and ramen. I will drive to Rowland Heights specifically for this drink (and buy some breads while I’m at it), even considering this small (30 min) detour “on the way” to the IE (specifically where the 210 meets the 15).

But I can’t keep going to 85c. I can’t keep spending so much money and time to fill my box with the bakery’s irrisistable but so not healthy for you baked goods (cuz I can’t drive all the way there and just but 1 thing!). So I’ve decided to make it myself. And OMG did I do myself proud! It’s so easy and so much cheaper to make! I don’t ever have to go to 85c again! Unless I’m super craving a berrytale of course :). But anywhoo, this…

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