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As I was heading to bed for a super, extra-early wake-up call tmrrw (and you know that must be early bc i wake up normally at 5am), I started thinking about a conversation I had recently. Let’s use the pronoun “he” to make this story flow more easily.

He told me that he had a hard time forgiving people, especially people close to him who had disappointed him with their lack of compassion. I told him I used to be like that but I’ve been listening to motivational and self-improvement books and of course Super Soul Sunday, so I had made great progress in learning to forgive, “not take it personally,” and move forward towards my dreams/goal.

But he said he couldn’t. I told him to focus on having a “honest and happy future,” which meant being honest with himself and the people close to him.

Then I reflected on how far I have grown in my relationship with estranged family members. Life ain’t easy, especially the act of forgiving folks who have kicked you to the curb like they were just kicking rocks on the path of life. But I remember Joel Osteen saying in one sermon, “You never know the ending of your story” and how things are going to work. True Story. Upon hearing this idea, I let things go with an estranged family member; and now 2-3 years later, we now have a decent relationship.

Tonight I heard this song, “My Soul Is Anchored,” and I was reminded of black church services and how I do miss them, but more importantly, how when you give way to life and start to flow with it, you are anchoring your soul in God and that is when a mind shift happens and you start seeing yourself differently, and therefore you see others differently and you develop compassion for people. It’s a process of arriving to the corner of compassion street and forgiveness avenue. But the steps taken will lead you to the most prosperous life one can have — a life of honesty and happiness.