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avocado & black bean brownies

Photo: black bean & avocado brownies were a hit at the Organic Festival in Cotacachi this weekend. It took me forever to find this healthy dessert recipe.

I have never been what you would call a “normal black chic.” Growing up I was labeled “white girl” by family members, which stung greatly. In high school and college, I never felt like I was able to click with a lot of my peers. In workplaces, my work ethics set me apart from others who just want to get by. Even now as an expat, I know some of my activities strike others as not being a true “expat,” someone who has escaped the chains of western society to live a more carefree life in Latin America, with a priority of exploring all aspects of the culture and having no responsibility because one is not tied to a specific community. (The expat life is complicated sometimes.)

Tony Hsieh’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Yet, last week as I was watching a video on a successful entrepreneur– every morning I seek to watching uplifting videos when my Internet allows me to– and he said we are all a little strange. It made me think back to the famous quote from Steve Jobs talking about the misfits and the people who dare to think that they can change the world or at least advanced it.

I think about this as I prepare for a week of selling cupcakes and tea at the Christmas festival in Ibarra. I’m super tired from the Organic Festival that I participated in yesterday in Cotacachi, but it was a successful event for me. And I have Christmas cupcake orders pending. Not to mention I still have a part-time day job of teaching, and my students deserve my full attention. I have a lot going on, and my body knows it.

I just got back from my massage and my masseur told me my body is tight and full of knots. My hand injury is because of overworking my hand. The two years of hard work to establish my business (which I have given myself as a time frame) has started to kick my butt after one month. OMG!

Beginning a business is more than a mental challenge; it is a physical challenge, too. But it is the life challenge that I am selecting in this moment. Some of my friends and former colleagues/classmates are eyeing the challenge of marriage and parenthood. For them it is the next logical step  in life, for this is what one does after graduating college, establishing a career and partying as a bachelor. But my next logical step in life is growing  a business and publishing my writing.

It’s not to say finding my “media naranja” and having children are not atop of my wish list; it’s just to say, life has put me on the entrepreneurship path, which has taken me a way from the pursuit of the normal American Dream. But being “normal” isn’t the right thing for everyone; some people have to rock the boat, see the world differently, create new beauty to be admired.

What life challenge are you pursuing?