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I’m a very practical person. Despite my artsy/Cali-hippie/roll-the-dice moments, I follow logic. It makes life easier, and I’m all about that simple life. Thus, me quitting my part-time teaching job is a very non-Monique thing. My decision was in direct response to teaching third-year English majors who did not enjoy my Cali/only-English-in-the-English-class/don’t-give-me-copying-&-pasting-bs teaching style.”English! English! English!” they complained about my class; and some went so far as to blame low test scores directly on my usage of English in the English classroom. (Of course no one wants to take responsbility for not going to office hours, not doing homework and not fully paying attention in class by putting away cellphones/Facebook.) They all agreed that they wanted what they were used to– a bilingual teacher who spoke Spanish in the English classroom.

My decision to remove myself from a place where I was not valued has created a new situation for me. I find myself living completely in faith. And it’s slightly scary.

I mean, no steady income from another person/company/government agency — like WTF?! But I knew two jobs back-to-back where I was disrespected in the office and having ungrateful English students– yeah, time to roll out and lean not on my own understanding. Life has set me up to do me and be my own boss, so I had to jump. And jump I did last week.

And in doing me, I’m boldly creating my vision of what I want my companies to evolve into. This past week — and today– I spoke confidently about what I want to do with my teahouse and my new English language service. Because I listen to motivational videos everyday, I know I must listen to my gut and stick to my vision. I have compromised a lot in my teahouse (selling real food, doing a lot of English things, making paletas/popsicles), but what I’m not going to do is sell coffee in my teahouse now (maybe in the future I will serve international coffee, but now I have to properly introduce “artisanal tea” in coffee land). I’m not going to take a survey of my neighbors to find out what Ecuadorians want from a Californian tea house when I’m the Californian. And I’m not going to take on the money-fear of others who only seek to have a good salary from a job they hate. I need to build wealth and happiness right now. And it’s possible if I stay patient, positive and proactive.

The day after I resigned from my part-time job, I went to the government office to become a legal freelancer in English teaching/editing/writing. Then I heard Steve Harvey talking about jumping and how we must all jump in life to be successful. And I knew I had made the right decision to jump from the safety of a shitty job into the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. I jumped and now I’m learning how to adjust to this new feeling of free-falling. There are no regrets because when you know better you do better.