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coloring at mama california

June 2016

I tried really hard to think of reasons not to write up and submit a conference summary paper. The excuses ranged from “I’m no longer working for a uni” to “who really cares about my meditation research” to “I need to focus on my real money-making business.” But in the end, the feeling of giving up over took any excuses. You see, it was a personal goal to write up a conference paper and submit it; not for bragging (bc honestly no one really cares about my conference presentations except for me), but for me. It was a completion mark; like applying for a scholarship, wining; preparing diligently for my conference workshop; having a successful workshop; sharing my information and putting my ideas out there; submitting a conference paper.

It’s having little goals that give me encouragement to make the bigger goals.

Regularly, I listen to motivational videos and commencement speeches and the people always say how others thought they were crazy and how daunting the biz path looked and how they had some fear/dobut, but they pushed through.

I’m in a pivotal time for a startup and know not writing that paper and submitting would signify my ability to bs and make up excuses for why various parts of my life/biz sucks. As Oprah and others have said, there’s no knight coming to save me; I have to save myself.It is up to me to make things happen in my life/biz.

So, before I could develop the habit of excuse making , I needed to develop the habit of pushing through. I told myself today “no pity party” as I watched people walk by with ice cream and bread. As the video lady said people have money, so you have to figure out how to get them to spend their money on your product. That is my goal as an entrepreneur.

What I have discovered at the close of another month is that I am providing something special for people who want foreign specialness. I accept that a lot of people don’t want my Cali ways; they love Ibarra and its traditions. I respect that. But I know there are people like me who want a little something different, a little something abnormal, a little something that says, “I’m not just an Ibarreno; I’m a global citizen.”

Now I just need to create a clearer path to connecting with my tribe.