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June 2016

Jamaica cocktail $3

Tea Cocktail: Jamaica-Me-Crazy (Agua Loca)

Yesterday was a hard day as a  baby entrepreneur. I had two events at my teahouse and no one attended. Add to that, there were hundreds of people roaming around my neighborhood eating ice cream and pan de leche. I heard an entrepreneur say that everyone has some money; the question is why aren’t they spending their money on your product.

This situation and quote make me reflect upon my product. People tell me my problem is location. But I see businesses in “good locations” (center of town) in Ibarra close after a few months. I think it is the packing of my product. I haven’t discovered the way to connect my global mindset to the mindset of Ibarrenos who like their traditions and way of life.

In analyzing the situation, I must find a balance between “global Monique” and “traditional Ibarreños.” I also must rebound quickly from disappointment. Barbara from :Shark Tank” said that how quickly someone recovers from a set back is how successful that person will be in business. I thought about her words as I sat in my teahouse contemplating why life wasn’t bringing folks through the doors of my teahouse.

So I decided to make a video. It wasn’t the best video (Angel and Phillip let me know; love 100% friends), but it was something to keep me moving forward and not get stuck in disappointment. I introduced myself as an English teacher for my English language business, Global English Made Simple (GEMS) without make-up (guess I’m feeling Alicia Keys). Then I made a second video for how to make “Jamaica-me-crazy” cocktail. There aren’t enough tea cocktails videos out (I know hard to believe), so I felt I was actually contributing something to the world.

I felt better after making the videos. I was being productive even if the profits weren’t coming in the present moment. I was investing in my future. I was sticking with my idea in face of setbacks. And from the videos I watch, I know that I must stick with my ideas.

Not many people get this “stick with my idea” situation that I’m presently living. But I also understand that most people don’t want to be a real visionary leader nor do they want to be relevant entrepreneurs. They want that “Korean Dream,” as Jessica puts it– a good job with a good salary working for a good/stable company. Thus, when I see people looking at me in silent confusion, I know they are Korean Dreaming and not my type of fellow entrepreneurs. We need all kinds of folks in the world, so I’m not putting them down; I’m just saying we are different. And it is that difference that is making me rebound quickly and stick with “English Tea” in Ecuador.