Solo day trip to the Getty in LA

A friend’s FB post on the threat of losing Obamacare reminded me of the decision I recently took to have a full-time employee legally in Ecuador. For numerous reasons, I’m choosing to be legit with my employees and business practices here. This may sound odd to some, but there is definitely an option to be hella shady out here. And to be honest, the same shady offerings are in every part of the world; just look at the newspapers for the big crimes that make it to print.

But as my goal is to have an international tea franchise, it is critical that I develop a legal practice of establishing a business and treating employees fairly. What I have learned in my short time as an entreprenuer is that it is very easy to get shady and shifty with money and others. It’s unbelievably easy to not pay employees properly and justify it in an employer’s mind. Backstabbing is a legit biz tool for many because as they say, there are no friends in biz.

What keeps me self-checking? That Cali-Hippie in me that simply won’t die. Besides pot and sunshine, we are known to be pretty open-minded and kind people in Cali. Well, that’s the story I like to tell myself about Cali. Thus, that’s the story that counters any minuscule thought of not being honest with clients, employees, biz partners, and others.

I teach online so I know 100% that expenses will be paid, including my employees’ salaries. Some don’t understand this angel of the hustle — 3am teaching– but I saw what one source of income does to people in Ibarra; I don’t want to be shady to realize a dream. A dream is a good thing, a joyful thing to experience; shady practices just diminishes all “kimochi ii ne” feeling.

So health care & social security benefits for my full-time employee in addition to free English classes and leadership training. If I’m going global, I’m going to need help. Treat people right and they will stay; invest in people and they will want to invest in you/your company; inspire people to be better selves and they will have a bigger vision of world.

I’m going to stop now; that Cali-hippie is starting to flow a little bit too much.