Nothing takes me down more quickly than menstrual cramps. This morning it was extremely rough getting up to teach a 3:30am class. Besides the freezing temperature inside my apt (need a space heater asap), Aunt Flo always brings a special chilly flair during her monthly visit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my aspirin, so I had to ride it out.

By the end of teaching 6 hours, I had to turn off the camera because I looked so pitiful with my beanie on my head, a scarf around my neck and thick coat wrapped around my body. I had moved from the dining room table to my bed. I surely wasn’t a pretty sight for my student, who politely laughed at her sick teacher. (This is why adoption is for me.)

I treated myself to a 15-minute nap and then debated self about having a “sick day.” I wasn’t in the best of moods yesterday; I can detect my not-right vibe more easily nowadays; so, I stayed to myself, sparing my employee my ain’t-right vibe.But today is Saturday the busiest day in Otavalo and my teahouse is on the main street. I was confident that she could run the teahouse by herself, but I still need to be there because foundation laying is my responsiblity bc it’s my vision that I’m implementing.

Thus, I came to the teahouse about 20 minutes late and standing outside was a line of Ecuadorians and foreigners speaking in English. I was stunned! Then I saw a fellow English teacher; he had brought his students to practice speaking English. As I welcomed them into my teahouse, another person arrived. She informed me a friend would be meeting me here. And with that, my Saturday was off to a quick start.

I prayed for strengthen because there was no time take the aspirins I had just bought at the pharmacy. What I learned which is the purpose of my teahouse in Ecuador — faith carries me through those challenging times. Faith is what I must lean on in times of doubt and uncertainty. Faith is what I’m building my empire upon.