I like this design for a small tea spot in a small town.

I’m a fan of choices. I like to know all my options and be clear on them. So,  I like to give other choices, too.
This flow of mine would deeply confuse my college students when I would tell them to select the due dates of projects. My logic, which I would share, When are you not going to give me crap to read? How much time is needed for something decent to come across my desk?
For the past two weeks, my employee has been struggling to pick her schedule. Work 8 hours/5 days or 10hours/4 days? What’s a good start time? What’s a good finishing time? Lunch at the normal almuerzo time or later?
Today after pushing her gently to finalize her decision. I watched her.”Your other boss just told you the hours; you had no freedom, right?”
She smiled and nodded as if to say, “Duh! That’s how the normal world works.” (We’ve already established I’m not her typical boss in some ways.)
But I sat her think-tank session out like the seasoned teacher I am. I clearly remember playing on my cell phone waiting for a Korean student to figure out a sentence during my office hours. “I won’t think for you” was & is my mindset. I’m trying to develop a manager, so minor decisions are critical building blocks.