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“some ecuadorian teachers were complaining about the low salary of the job i posted, but i have to say, money isn’t everything; maybe some english teacher just wants to experience ecuadorian culture and/or the Galapagos Islands. when i first came to ecuador, i made $1,000/month teaching lovely lojanos. i knew leaving asia, i surely wasn’t going to make money teaching english in latin america. (and my lovely mother commented, “you have some degrees when you decide to use them.” so yeah, some family members weren’t feeling my life choices.) but i wanted the experience of living in a different culture. (the Soc in me is very strong.) you only have one life to live and you have to take a chance at living and try something that sounds intriguing. sidetone: i was poor in Chile and it sucked! (like “can i afford cheese?” poor), but nowadays, teacher can make extra money teaching online #vivalavida #chasethedream #livefulldieonempty

FB status 1/30/17


Chase the Dream– I’ve been using this hashtag as a personal motivation


it’s about creating something. contributing something to society. leaving a mark as you advanced. you really have to be on another vibe flow to be able to step away from the

when start stretching yourself to see what you are capable of doing. what you are meant to be doing. living on a